Click this link to see how Knightsfield has responded to parents’ feedback: You Said We Did January 2018

Parents of students have made the following comments:

“We knew exactly what we were looking for in a secondary school for my child, but had given up hope of finding it until we visited Knightsfield. On our first visit, we were immediately impressed by the calm and happy atmosphere. The bright, modern building, incorporating acoustically treated rooms and the latest equipment create an ideal learning environment.”

“Students are encouraged to develop independent learning skills, and receive as much support as initially required enabling them to achieve this goal. Our son, like so many deaf children, needs small classes, specialist teaching, and speech and language therapy in an aural/oral environment, with access to hearing peers.”

“The teaching staff have high expectations for the students in all areas, and development of independent learning skills and good self-esteem are actively encouraged in the structured, yet caring and supportive environment. The opportunity for integration into Monk’s Walk School is an added bonus and makes the provision offered by Knightsfield truly unique. Each student’s programme of integration can be individually tailored and we believe that this flexibility of approach and attention to specific needs provides an optimum learning environment for students.”

“When I leave my child at school in the mornings, I know he is in the ideal place, with professionals who share my belief that his deafness should not stop him from reaching his potential.”

“There is no one in this country and maybe the whole world that could provide a better education for my daughter than Knightsfield School.”

“Knightsfield is exactly what we had hoped to find for our son. Nothing else came close. He settled in immediately and, whenever asked about his school, he describes it as ‘absolutely fantastic’. What more can we say?”