The Trustees of Knightsfield School have responsibility for the strategic direction of the school. They help the school set the values, vision and strategic aims. They support and challenge the school in their role as a critical friend.

Knightsfield School Trustees Body is made up of three groups: parents, staff and community members. Trustees work collaboratively with the headteacher and staff to promote and ensure high standards in achievement. They also ensure that pupils and staff are safe. They visit the school each term with a focus on holding the school to account whilst monitoring and evaluating learning, safety and provision. They also seek pupils and parents views about the school.

The work of the Trustee Body is undertaken by two committees – the Resources & Audit Committee and the Strategy & Pupil Committee. The terms of reference for each committee are agreed at the first committee meeting of each academic year and are available to view as a PDF document.


Mrs Tricia Kemp
Ms Jane Stark
Mrs Janet Mollison
Mr Steven Wilde
Mr Tim Newton

Trustees Body 2020 – 2021 

All trustees are directors of Knightsfield Academy Trust.

Mrs Lesley Carter ** Chair of Trustees Community Trustee Resources & Audit Committee
Mr Claus Crede Vice-Chair of Trustees Co-opted Trustee Resources & Audit Committee
Mrs Alison Pearson Chair of Strategy and Pupil Development Committee Community Trustee Strategy & Pupil Development Committee
Mrs Helen Mellor Chair of Resources and Audit Committee Parent Trustee Resources & Audit Committee
Mrs Suzanne Thrower Headteacher Accounting Officer Resources & Audit Committee
Mr Danny Bidwell Staff Trustee Strategy & Pupil Development Committee
Mrs Cathy McConnell *** Parent Trustee Strategy & Pupil Development Committee
Mrs Lucy Pope School Business Manager Company Secretary – Associate Trustee Resources & Audit Committee
Herts for Learning Clerking Service Clerk to Trustee Body

** The Chair of Trustees can be contacted at the school address, or via email at:

*** Our Parent Trustee Mrs Cathy McConnell can be contacted via email at: