Knightsfield School is committed to using technology to enhance the learning experience of its students. We take online safety very seriously and have systems and procedures in place to protect students and staff. All students are taught how to keep themselves safe online in PSHCE and ICT lessons. We hold regular assemblies on current issues to make students aware of the dangers and to remind them of the strategies to keep themselves safe. Our school Internet server monitors and filters content of web pages and all use of the Internet is logged. All students and parents sign the acceptable use of ICT agreement and a log is kept of any online safety incidents which are reported to us. All staff and governors have completed online safety training which is updated on an annual basis.

It is important that your child stays safe when using technology and online when outside school. Deaf children can be vulnerable because of the language difficulties they have associated with their deafness.

Incident Reporting Form

Any member of the Knightsfield School community can raise a concern about an online safety incident via the attached Incident Reporting form.

Online Safety Reporting Form

Please use the following links for more information and support about keeping your child safe online: