Hello 😊 

My name is Megan Rix and I’m Knightsfield’s new Reading Patron. I met some of you with my dogs Bella and Freya when I came to visit at the end of April. Freya loved meeting everyone and we are both looking forward to coming back to see you soon! 

Megan xx 

September Blog

Welcome back to school everyone. I hope you had a great summer.

I’ve been busy promoting my new book: Lizzie and Lucky ‘The Mystery of the Lost Chicken’

Last Saturday we were at Kettering Literary Festival.

Megan Rix 🐾

October Blog

My top tips for creative writers are:

  1. Read lots and lots.
  2. Write lots.
  3. Have lots of fun and adventures and experiences so you have lots of things to write about in your diary!

Have a great day,

Megan Rix 🐾





November Blog

Reading for Pleasure

    1. Choose a good book
    2. Find somewhere comfy to sit.
    3. Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed
    4. Relax and enjoy
    5. The more you read the better you will be

Have a good day,

Megan Rix 🐾

December Blog

So excited that ‘Lizzie and Lucky: the Mystery of the Lost Chicken’ is on the longlist for the Inclusive Books for Children award.PastedGraphic-1.png
I made a video in sign language about the book with help from Matilda the chicken and pigs Kia and Ari. You can see it here:

January Blog

Now Lizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Lost Chicken is on the shortlist for the Inclusive Books for Children award and I’m going to the Awards ceremony on the 28th February.
I did a video about why the Award is important to me and you can see it here:
Matilda the chicken is in it again!