Provision by other agencies and professionals such as speech and language therapists, the educational psychologist, and a school counsellor is embedded into the life of the school. Liaison with audiology clinics and cochlear implant centres takes place annually for each individual or as required according to their audiological needs. The school works closely with Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and CAMHS where appropriate to secure the well being of students.

We work closely with the team of specialist advisory services from Hertfordshire and other local authorities to ensure students with multi-sensory needs have access to the right equipment and provision.

Speech and Language Therapy

NHS Speech and Language Therapists are commissioned by Hertfordshire Local Authority to work at Knightsfield School. The Speech and Language Therapists assess and work with our pupils to develop speech, language and functional communication skills as well as supporting our staff in developing strategies to maintain progress. Pupils may be seen on an individual or small group basis and supported to generalise skills into the classroom.

Our vision is a world where all pupils have the communication skills they need to fulfil their potential.

For more information on local Speech and Language therapy access

There is also an Out of Counties Speech and Language Therapist who is regularly on site, providing the same service to out of counties pupils. For further information access

Educational Psychologist

Knightsfield School is allocated several visits each year from a Hertfordshire educational psychologist and we host visits from other LA educational psychologists. These visits can include individual assessment of a pupil and their educational needs and provide us with specialist advice and training for staff on specific programmes for students.

School Counselling Service

Knightsfield School has secured the services of ‘Safe Space’ the Hertfordshire schools counselling service which provide for both our male and female students to ensure that counselling is bespoke to the needs of our students who require this service. Referral can be from a teacher, parent or the student. Information is held confidentially unless a safeguarding issue arises.